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Have Fun at Hoodoo Blues


Fancy learning to dance?

Blues dancing is a great place to start. It’s relatively easy to pick up.

Blues dancing comes from the same tradition as blues music.

It is an improvised, partner dance, which has a relaxed, grounded feel.

No previous dance experience needed.

Here's an example, but there are so many styles of blues

Weekly Wednesday classes in Newcastle.

Weekly Monday lunchtime and Tuesday evening classes in Hexham.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Our monthly event, Hoodoo Blues, is on the 3rd Friday of the month:

20th Oct

17th Nov

15th Dec

Weekender: Belta Blues: 22-24 Sep 2023

Weekender: Belta Blues: 20-22 Sep 2024

Registration for Belta Blues now open

Click here to register

Melissa and Michelle May15
1920s dress by wall edit
Belta0322 Friday photos 41b
Melissa and Katja May15
DJ Mixer B&W
DJ Headphones
Blues Baby Blues 2012b.jpg

Hoodoo Blues is a monthly night of blues and fusion dancing with a fun, party atmosphere.

No upcoming events at the moment
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